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Go for a naturally healthy Philippines!

We are pleased to offer you this opportunity to spread the good news of natural health.

WHOLISTIC LIFESTYLE PLUS is an all-inclusive easy to use discount card focused to the alternative health consumers of Metro Manila, Pangasinan and other key cities in the Philippines.


A. VIP MEMBER – P5,500.00 – annual membership fee

Privilege at Villa Jireh Wholistic Resort and Hotel:
1. One time free – 3 days/2 nights accommodation at Villa Jireh Holistic Resort & Hotel ( worth P7,885.00) which is inclusive of:
     a. welcome drinks
     b. free use of swimming pool
     c. 3 lunch meals
     d. 2 dinner meals
     e. 2 breakfast meals

2. One-time free Welcome Gift Pack (herbal, organic, and natural products)

3. One-time free use of gym

4. One-time free choice of the ff: massage, reflexology, aromatherapy or steambath

5. One-time free tour to Virgin Islands White Beach of Hundred Islands

6. One-time free attendance in a seminar with choice of:
     Health Promotion and Stress Reduction Program
     How to Pray and Grow Rich
     Mision-Vision Session
     Leadership Seminar
     Time Management
     Team Building Workshop

7. Unlimited 30% discount on services at Villa Jireh Wholistic Center/Clinic

8. Unlimited 50% off at Villa Jireh Nature Store

9. Unlimited 30% off on hotel accommodation on next visits

B. Executive Member (P4,000.00) annual membership fee

1. One-time free 2days/1 night accommodation at Villa Jireh Holistic Resort Hotel

2. All benefits & privileges stated in letter “A” except #1 of Villa Jireh Holistic Resort Hotel.

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